Insert new techniques of execution through the PopOver

I have a question: Can I enter the new execution Tencniche (the ones I create) through the popover?

Yes, you can set your own popover texts in the Playing Technique editor.

Exhibit A:

Thanks for the tip. Good luck with your work

Another question: How do I delete an execution technique created by me or already existing by default?

You should be able to select it in the left-hand list in the Playing Techniques dialog, and click the trash can icon in the action bar at the bottom to delete it.

I actually tried it but some times it doesn’t erase

The first time I created a technique of execution from the right side panel, then I entered the settings and I could no longer delete it

So now I find myself in the right panel at the top in the common section a piece that does not take away

If you created it, you can delete it. If it was there already, you can’t delete it.

Perhaps you’re unable to delete a custom PT if it’s in use in the score? Not at my computer at the moment so I can’t test that theory.

Yes, Dan’s correct: if the playing technique is in use in the music itself, you won’t be able to delete it.

I made a check and confirm your answers: once removed from the score I can also delete the playing technique from the panel. Thanks again.