Insert notes with piano sound as default instrument

is there a way to choose a piano sound as default ‘inserting notes sound’ - even if I’m working for example in cello staff?
My problem: sometimes I’d like to check out chords. If I choose violin, I can’t hear all the low notes in the chord, if I choose double-bass, I can’t hear the high notes.
Of course I could create a piano track just for checking out things but maybe I oversaw the possibility to choose a piano as default device no matter for which instrument you are inserting notes.

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This is how I work too. I basically only want to hear a piano sound any time I touch my MIDI keyboard. It would be great if we could specify a default input sound in Dorico, but we can’t. Here’s how I do it though:

  1. Open a standalone Piano VST outside of Dorico.
  2. Mac might handle the signal routing automatically, but on PC I need to use a software MIDI router to route the MIDI signal to both Dorico and the Piano VST simultaneously. You can create virtual MIDI ports with a freeware program called loopMIDI. To route the signal to the ports I use Bome, but last I checked the ancient free program MIDI-OX still works too.
  3. Select one of the ports you created in your standalone VST, and another in Preferences / Play / MIDI Input Devices.
  4. Now that Dorico and your Piano VST are receiving the signal simultaneously, you no longer need to hear the input signal in Dorico, so go to Preferences / Play and uncheck “Enable MIDI Thru.”

You should now only hear Piano when inputting, but of course hear the full complement of loaded VST sounds when playing back. As I know there are others that work this way too, it would be a nice feature if Dorico could support this automatically within the program, but it’s still not too hard to accomplish.

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Great…it works…thanx a lot !

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You can use a standalone vst host that respond to program change. I use Cantabile and Pianoteq. By a simple program change, I switch my controller to whatever midi port I want.