Insert or cut bars in Cubase

hi there… i have recently bumped into a situation ;o)

i know how to insert bars in the middle of a project… BUT… how can I cut a certain number of bars from the middle of a project…???
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Edit: Range>cut time?

Two ways.

  1. Set Left and Right Locators to the range that you wish to remove, then Edit menu>Range>Delete Time (or “Cut Time”, if you want to place the cut section into the clipboard, rather than simply H-bomb it :wink: ))
  2. Open the Tempo Track Editor window, and click on the “Process Bars” button. Select “Delete Bars” as action, and set the other parameters as desired.

(Steve, please stop looking over my shoulder! :mrgreen: )

(But you know, it is more challenging for me, being in a later timezone. That’s why my answers are so short.)

thanks you so much for your replies, guys…

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SHIFT + BACKSPACE one of my favorites

Modify time sig accordingly

Is there a way to cut or delete measures w/o removing all the cc7 automation on a track?

+1. I’d like to be able to delete measures without having the volumes thrown off.