Insert plugin question

Hi , i was mixing a song and trying various inserts …on one particular track all the insert plugins were bypassed ( the yellow button) and i listened to the track in solo state , then i turned off all the inserts ( greyed out) and the tone of the track drastically altered for the better … i didn`t realise when only bypassed the inserts had still so much negative influence on the sound…

i read here that bypassing is a VST specific feature which tha plugin has to do on his own, and Cubase just tells the Plugin to do bypass…

Yeah, I have a few that don’t properly bypass…my guess is, you do too…you’re just not aware of it.

PhaseBug is the one I use often that doesn’t.

they were all cubase plugins , they add an harshness to the sound when in bypass mode ,in future i shall check all plugins.

That’s interesting, never thought about that.
Can you tell which plugins that were?

Thanks, Matze.

sorry i dont remember which ones i was using . i was sort of shocked but not suprised cause i`m a guitar player and things like that happens often with live guitar gear . so i just unloaded them instead of taking note which they were.i was in the process of mixing a song and i am generally trying all sorts of combinations of effects ,and i bypass some and then totally foget about them , i shall have to go back through some of my stuff and see if i left any just bypassed .