Insert silence without moving anything

For about 20 years, I was able to select a range in a audio file, hit Shift+S (may have been my key stroke), and I got total silence in the selected range. Now if I insert silence, the audio moves. How can I avoid the moving?

When you say insert that typically means moving everything after the insert point to make room for whatever is being inserted. So what you are describing is the normal insert behavior.

Do you perhaps mean you want to replace a range of whatever currently is currently on a Track with silence?

A screenshot or two might help clarify your question.

Thanks for the reply. I just want silence in the range that is selected, don’t want to insert anything, nothing else changed.

Thanks for silence

So do you mean: Audio>Processes>Silence (also if you press cmd and right click)?
I don’t think there is a shortcut but you could just assing your own one…

Yeah, I have a short cut to insert silence to a selected range. This is in the off line editor.
I use this a lot for cleaning up vocals and bass lines etc.