Insert Space?

Hey All,

I am curious if there is an easy way to insert empty space between beats/measures in cubase.

Basically I have a project with loads of tracks/automation and I want to insert multiple measures of nothingness between two parts (add a new part to the arrangement).

Is there any shortcuts to do this or is selecting the midi/audio/automations and manually moving these parts the only way?

I am just worried my automation will somehow get messed up even though I have it following the events. I wonder if the arranger track could help? Hrmm…

Any thought and advice is appreciated as always.


Project cursor, and Left Locator, at the position you want to insert space, Right Locator at the position where you want the inserted space to end, then Edit menu>Range>Insert Silence.


You’re the best!

When I try to do this with anything smaller than a bar it fails.

That’s an old bug (fixed quite a while ago). What version of Cubase do you have?

I’m on 6.04 (using in 64 bit)


I just update to 6.05 and the problem is almost fixed. Now the insert has to be over the start of a bar. But at least it can be of any length.

Hmmm… Are you PC or Mac? Even the “bugged” version worked o.k. so long as the range crossed a barline (i.e. suggesting that, for you, the bug is still there).
I’m on Mac here, and it is fine (32-bit and 64-bit)
Try setting aside your (PC) Cubase Application data (including any previous versions, if it is still present)… or (Mac) Cubase Preferences folder(s), so that Cubase will rebuild them from scratch on next launch.

… also… is this still happening if you try it in a completely new project? (I don’t know if the bug may be “carried over” when saved in a project).


cmd + shift + E


ctrl + shift + E