Insert text page from other score into current score

I have created a text page as a single Dorico file. Now I want to insert this page as the first page in any other Dorico Partirur. How can I do this? Can someone help?

If you created it as a page template, you can export the page template’s set from the source project, then import it into the destination project.

Once the set is in the destination project, you can import individual page templates into existing sets in your destination project.

You can also use the Library Manager to transfer page template sets between projects.

Thank you for the tutorial. But the thing turns out to be very difficult.

  1. the created text template must be based on the Standard template.
  2. when all imports of the external template and the internal template are finished, a new page must be created, which is based on the exported template set, which contains the new page template. WOW.
    But be careful! The newly created page based on this template must not be page 1, otherwise only an empty page will be created. So you have to create an empty page based on this template e.g. as page 2, but then you can swap it with page 1. Once again: WOW!

That’s not quite right: you can create totally custom page templates, including starting entirely from scratch if you want.

New page template sets do start by duplicating an existing set, but you don’t have to do that to create a new page template, if you don’t want to. You can just add a custom page template to an existing page template set.

You can also directly assign page templates to the page you want to use them, you don’t have to insert an empty page first (in fact, it’s better if you don’t, because inserted pages behave like they have page template overrides).

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Thank you. But unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in the procedure you describe. So my page was always empty when I wanted to apply my (text) page template to an already existing page. So I always have to insert a new page to which I then apply my template. This works - but as I said never as page 1.

If you’re assigning a page template to a blank, inserted page (which has a red triangle in the right panel in Engrave mode), your page template won’t be used: Dorico always prioritises page template overrides (red triangles) first.

In that case: assign the page template to the page, then remove the page template override.

Or, starting entirely from scratch where p1 uses the First page template and has the beginning of the music on it: directly assign the text page template to p1. If the custom page template doesn’t have a music frame, Dorico will automatically shunt the first page of music to p2.

(That ^ is what I meant by it not being necessary to insert a blank page first!)

If this is still not working or not clear, please share an example project file and I’ll take a look at it for you.