Insert WAV Samples at Hitpoints?

Hi guys, is there an easy way to add snare samples (but as WAV audio clips, not Midi) using hitpoints from the recorded snare track in cubase 8.5 pro? Ideally would like it to insert the audio clip at every hitpoint or marker?

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend you to add the audio sample to the Groove Agent SE, and then trigger it via MIDI. In the Sample Editor, there is a function: Create MIDI Notes, in the Hitpoints tab.

Why do you want to avoid MIDI?

,Groove Agent does not come with my version, would Polyphone help…lookin at it now…free Soundfont player, goona see if I can place it within Cubase elements. 8 Ai,

Any midi player should work, you will probably have to transpose the midi to get the right sound from the player.

Not heard of Polyphone before…if it doesn’t do the job there are options:

One Small Clue “Grace” is a pretty cool little free sampler plugin or UVI Worksation is another option


Here is how I do it:

  1. Create a Macro:
    Transport - Locate Next Marker
    Edit - Paste

  2. Select your recorded audio event(Snare,Kick etc…) and detect/edit Hitpoints

  3. Create Markers from Hitpoints

  4. Insert the sample you wish to use and Edit- Copy it

  5. Use the Macro.

Sample Replacement.gif