Inserted Stereo Track...Can I change to mono instead?

Hi Everyone

Excuse me if this is ridiculously easy but Im at a loss. Ive spent 30 minutes googling and I cant find an answer.

Im in my project and I go to add an audio track and it comes up with the normal options to configure whether or not you want mono or stereo. I chose stereo and it was added but then I realised I didnt want a stereo track I wanted mono.

Is there a way to convert it to a mono track? Im an ex Sonar user and it just used to be a button that made a channel mono/stereo.

Any help appreciated



No you can’t convert a stereo track to a mono track -you would have to delete the track and create a new mono track.

However, you can still use mono audio files on a stereo track if you wish, and you can still record in mono (by selecting a mono input rather than a stereo). Also, if you have a mono audio file and use a stereo track, you will be able to apply stereo effects to that track (e.g. a stereo chorus). If you use a mono track, all plugin processing on that track will also be in mono.

If you have a stereo track and you want to make the signal mono, it’s easy to either use a plugin, or use the Cubase pan controls to make it into mono.

For these reasons, I just use stereo tracks for everything.

Switching a track to mono after you’ve added it to a project isn’t currently possible due to the way Cubase’s audio routing works, but this is definitely a popular feature request.

Moving your audio and settings from a stereo track to a mono track isn’t too troublesome though.

First, create a mono track, then press Shift + Double Click to select all Audio Events from the stereo track and drag them into the mono track.

Now, to move your track settings and effects, open the mixer (F3 or Alt+F3) and drag the bottom of the stereo track into the mono track. This will transfer everything from one track to the other except automation.