inserting a 3rd party MIDI effect?

How do I do this. I have an instrument track and I want to use a pizmidi vst plugin called midiChordAnalyzer and cannot figure out how to do this in Cubase 9.0.1.

help greatly appreciated.

Greg K.

Put the DLL in your VST plugin folder. “The Devices->Plug-in Manager” can show you both where Cubase scans for plug-ins and if this particular plug-in is found by Cubase.

This plug-in is a VST instrument, so it behaves just like a VST instrument synth. Load it up in an VST instrument track or the VST instrument Rack and you’re good to go.

On a midi track or VST instrument track there’s a section for “Midi Inserts” but this particular plug-in won’t show up there. (You might think it would but midi inserts are a different thing then VST instrument plugins.)


Thanks LarsErik,

I should have said I’m on OSX. I already have an instrument track with a software synthesizer on it. I want to insert a MIDI plugin that will read midi and analyze the chord I’m playing. Like a midi utility. I can’t use the track insert as it seems like it only loads Steinberg MIDI insert plugins.

Load your soft synth on an Instrument Track. Add a MIDI Track and an Instrument Track with midiChordAnalyzer. Route the output of the MIDI Track to your software synthesizer. Activate a MIDI Send on the MIDI Track and choose “midiChordAnalyzer - MIDI In” (if MIDI Sends are not visible on the Inspector just right klick [or whatever the alternative to right klick is on OSX] on any of the Inspector Tabs to make them visible). To activate a MIDI Send, do not klick the little arrow on the MIDI Sends, you can only add the Cubase MIDI PlugIns there, but instead just hit the On/Off (Activate) button.

Thank you M1000! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. This did work. So it seems like instrument tracks do not have MIDI send. Otherwise I might be able to route the synth track directly to the plugin and not have the extra MIDI track. Or better still, I wish I could just place the plugin inline with my synth plugin and have the MIDI pass through. Seem like a convoluted way of doing it. Maybe it provides more flexibility somehow if you can get used to it?

Any case, it works! thanks again!