Inserting a Bar Repeat Section don't work in Dorico Pro 2.2!

Anybody else has a problem with inserting Bar Repeat Sections? No matter what I do nothing happens when I click the button in the menu on the right side. Creating Slash Regions works just fine though…

You need to make sure that there is at least one bar of actual music written out before Dorico will let you create a bar repeat region: if you think about it, you can’t repeat something if it isn’t written out at least once first. So put some music in the first bar, then select the second bar and create the bar repeat region there: it should work just fine.

Please take a look at this: is’nt this weird behaviour? A bug?

What music font are you using? Does it include bar repeat signs? It doesn’t look like Bravura to me…

Oh yes, the Music Font is Bravura. I’ve inserted another picture, in which you can see there is really something strange going on. When I first input music, then asking for bar repeat region looks like this:
bar-repeat after music input.png
When I try in a new file, using the ‘default’ options that I saved as default from within this ‘problem’ file, it works. After that, I tried to create a bar repeat region the file I used as ‘template’ to create the problem-file. Also no problem there.
So the bug, or misbehaviour, or wrong setting I eventually did myself, has to be specific to THIS file I’m working on. Can anybody help me out with this?

Not without seeing the actual file. A picture isn’t going to cut the mustard…