inserting a fragment with fades

I am newcomer in WL Elemants 8, so forgive if my question is too simple.
I need to clear out a narrator’s sound track. So I need to insert a piece of “ambience silence” instead of breath, sniffing, coughing, etc. Sure, the piece of the silence should be inserted with fades in in the both ends.
Will somebody advise, how to make this in the best way?

Personally, I like to use a space of near silent “room tone” from the recording. I copy that section of tone and then paste as much as I need for a section, and crossfade accordingly. I hope this information is helpful.

Thank you Chris! I would make the same, but pasting does not make cross fading.

Are you in the Montage view? If so, crossing the two files should start a crossfade.