Inserting a song title in an orchestral work of a sequence of 8 song titles

I’m arranging an orchestral work of a sequence of 8 songs for 27 instruments. How do insert the song title at the correct bar so that when I print the parts for each player, the song title appears correctly above the right bar for each printed part and score

Put each song in a separate flow and use Flow Titles and Flow Headers to display the title (and such other info as you add via tokens to the Flow header and Project Info screens).

You can specify for each part (in Layout Options) whether to start a new page for each flow or have them continue on a page with sufficient space.

Thanks Derrek
I cant remember that it was that complex when I had a test run 6+ months ago but have forgotten how. All I did then was insert some kind of text box above the top stave at the correct bar in the full score and it was replicated on each part when they were printed. But I cant find the method to repeat it because using text box in write mode on the score doesn’t seem to replicate on to each part. I know its simple and it should be but I cant find that way again

System Text (SHIFT+ALT+X) would replicate.

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Thank you Derrek - I think that does it Create System Text, Default Text (Alt+ Shift+ X)

Using Flows and flow headers should be pretty automatic. I’d say using System Text is more effort!

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So would I.

but I’m still in Write Mode and not Engrave Mode

Watch this video about how Dorico automatically handles headings for separate flows:

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Thanks Lillie - that’s an excellent video

Think of my challenge this way - bear with me on the names I’m using.

I’m creating a 300 bar Scottish Dance piece for a full orchestra. It’s all in the one flow. Bar 1 to Bar 39 is Flowers of Scotland, Bar 40 - Bar 79 is By yon bonnie banks, Bar 80 - 119 is The Inverness Reel etc etc. All I want is to be able to insert the correct song title above the correct bar in the main score and then for it to be replicated on each part so that each player is cued to the mood of that particular song when they play it. Derrek’s approach does that for me well and if there is a more elegant way I’ll look at it.

If it’s like an orchestral medley, intended to be played all in one continuous go, then that might well make sense to keep it in one flow, and use system-attached text to mark where each section starts.

It wasn’t immediately clear from your post that that’s what you’re working on; in general, separate sections of music should be separate flows.

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you’re right -I didn’t express it well enough - solution found

In order to help readers jump to the real solution, it might be fair to check the solution below Lillie’s post, rather than your post saying “thanks, it’s solved!”
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yes - well there you are - unaccustomed as I am… -

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