Inserting Audio Files into Audio Montages

I have no problem inserting files into the montage – but I’m not then getting the “Inserting Audio Files into Audio Montages” window. I have Wavelab Elements 11.2. Am I missing something?

What window are you talking about?

Also, I believe you only get the “Inserting Audio Files into Audio Montages” window when you insert more than one file at a time.

It would be helpful to show a screen shot of what you are doing, and what the result is if you do not get the window.

Does it place all the files on the timeline in alphabetical order?

This is only in WaveLab Pro, hence @Greg_McCarty should not know about this window, hence my question.

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Got it. Only in Wavelab Pro, not Elements. I should’ve guessed. To “stagger” tracks in a montage in Elements, I guess you would add a second track and then copy every other clip to it from the first track. Yes?

Yes, this is the way.