Inserting automation Points on all used lanes?

Is there a way to set automation points as markers for the current setting?

What I mean is, say you’re working on a session that you’ve recorded multiple songs on the time line consecutively in one cpr file. You do automation on the first song and then move ahead in the project to the next song. You click a starting automation value for the beginning of the second song so your vocal, bass, whatever starts at the right level. Unfortunately, your last automation point in the song before is a lot higher/lower than the new point in the second song. Now, you have a diagonal line from the middle of your first song to the start point of your second song. This causes the fader, knob, whatever to gradually move towards the new value as the first song plays through. If there were a shortcut to mark all used automation tracks current settings, then you could make any changes to the next song and your song #1 automation is not affected.

I used to have a Roland VS1680 and there was a function that would mark all current fader, pan, send, etc. levels at any point in the song. So it would be just like opening all used automation lanes and inserting a point on all of them simultaneously (preferably at the cursor position).

Perhaps a macro or something can be created. Is there something in the logical editor that will insert an automation point at the current cursor position?

Set the curve to Jump and not Ramp.

Does that work with drawing points as well?

I’m not getting exactly what you mean by that.

How do you set the curve?

When I have separate sections at different levels then I create two points between the sections and slide them together, then I have a vertical line between them and the volume changes instantly. I.e. I have a volume automation point at the start and the end of each section so it’s flat during the section. However, I don’t always put the points exactly vertical because then it’s difficult to rubber band the points for just one section - so I sometimes leave a small ramp between them. Does that help?