Inserting/dumping a specific midi CC "current value"

Hello, let’s say I am riding CC 50 with my fader, I am now happy with the current value it has. Is there a way (macro, ple, bome midi translator?) to insert the current value of CC 50 as a midi data point at the cursor position?

How would Cubase receive the value to be inserted? Once you found your sweet spot, the controller doesn’t send anymore data unless you move the fader again, but then you’ve obviously lost your sweet spot value.
Perhaps something can be put together using BOME’s MIDI Translator and activating Step Input in the Key Editor?

I asked SteveC on the BOME Forum

Here is the preset

I use CC50 (with a fader) to tweak this specific mic position
I use CC108 (with my stream deck) to dumb the last value of CC 50 on cubase

works like a charm

I assume you can use that for cc 1 etc. to tweak a value, then hit record + Dumb it as a unique point.

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This is an interesting workflow. I have to try and remember and see if I can find a use for doing something similar.
Thanks for sharing the Bome preset!

Initially, I want to use this to avoid the headache of outputing all the mic position to different outputs just so that I can put a VCA on them. Since I like doing single track per articulation, that’s a hell lot of ouputs

Now I think I’ll just macro select all my “CSS” tracks for example, and balance or rebalance the mic positions with 3 different midi CC faders.

When I am Happy, I can go to the start of the project, hit record, dumb the CCs while selecting all the tracks and hit stop. That why I embedded into this specific project a mic position balance.

Worth trying I think