inserting effecta to individual parts of an arrangement

In Studio One, I can insert effects to individual parts on the arrangement page. Say I want to add a reverb to just one part on a track…I just drag the reverb over the part in the arrangement page and bam…it applies the effect only to that part of the arrangement or track…not the entire channel. I can then edit the effect freely, the same as Inserting in the effects bin of the mix console…non destructively.

Can this be done in Cubase?

Loving my switch from Studio One / Sonar, btw

Aloha b,

Not sure if it is the same thang and if it is,
a bit more ‘kludgy’ for sure but I can:

1-Select a single (or multiple) audio part(s) in the Project Window
2- Go to:‘Audio’ in the menu bar
then to:
3-‘Process’ or 'Plug-ins.

At that point I can apply any of those FX or plugs
on just those parts.

And to avoid confusion, Cubase will first
ask if I want to either ‘create new parts’ or modify the existing part.

Like I said this may not be what you are after
but I hope it helps.


that’s destructive , what he is aking about is …

It is non destructive, all steps applied via offline processing can be undone.

Nevertheless it´s destructive…

nope you can’t do it in cubase like that… the closest thing is what curteye suggested , i saw that feature in studio one… very cool , i asked it in FR sub forum.!
would be nice to have it offline(as its now) and in real time as in studio one and samplitude

I was under the impression destructive was something that could not be undone.

“Destructive” IMO is everything that alters the original file, which offline processing does,

no it doesn’t change the original file unless you tell it to.

Plugin / FX - offline processing (which is what the OP is asking if I understand it correctly) does - without asking.
Of course it does not really change the original file, - it replaces the processed event it with a new processed one - point is, you no longer have the “original” file at this point. Though Cubase asks you, if the processing should be applied to all events concerning the file in the project IIRC

Im afraid thinkingcap is right. Wven though it does not swem like it, that is destructive. We should really lobby for this guys…its awesome in Studio One. Each part can be treated individually…you can really do some cool things.

I’d call it ‘real-time’ clip processing, what you’re requesting that is… Great idea, we’ve all been lobbying for it for years.

I have the (whichever??) preferences set so that it creates new parts when I apply offlline processing, so that if I’m using the clip elsewhere then the effect doesn’t get applied there too. Each to his own on that one.


Exactly, you can have it be non-destructive if you want.

Also, I’ve used clip level effects in Samplitude. It is a nice workflow feature, but it suffers from severe automation and performance issues (at least it did in the version prior to the latest which I don’t have). So, in theory it sounds like a good feature. In practice it can be problematic. I’m not saying I’m against the feature. Just that it isn’t the freebie coolness some people advertise it as.