Inserting Meta-data in imported CD tracks


I would like to know if it is possible that Wavelab Elements 9 automatically writes the metadata (Album, Track number and Track title) on the tracks extracted from a CD.

I’m testing this functionality but it only detects the track names (FreeDB option) and writes them in the file names, but it does not fill the rest of metadata.

For example, if I extract an Audio CD to MP3 files and load them in iTunes, iTunes does not recognize the Album, Artist and Track numbers of these files.

Thank you.

I would say no, unless somebody else knows better. In Elements, you don’t have variables in the metadata window.

It’s probably better to use another program to do something like that.

Maybe try this:

Thank you very much.

If I enable “Automatically extract CD-Text” and “Convert Titles and CD-Text to Meta-Data”, the titles are displayed, but not the rest of information (track number, album,…).

So I think I will use another program for that kind of task.

fwiw, there are a number of free programs that do this: rip to MP3 with track number and album title from CD text. Probably a good reason to add it to Wavelab.