inserting music


Any one knows if when Dorico is in insert mode is there a way to push everything (chord symbols, key signature, time signature…) instead of only the notes?

Example 1, before inserting notes

Example 2, after inserting some notes but the second bar still has the same chord and key signature as Example 1.

Thank you for your help.

No, at the moment, only the material in the voice you’re currently inputting can be shunted along by Insert mode. We do plan to change this, and to make it possible to specify the scope of the insert operation: should it take effect for the current voice, all voices on the current stave, or all material on all staves?

Thank you, Daniel!

That is most excellent news, Daniel.

When defining scope, I would kindly ask to also make it possible to define a ‚wall’ beneath which nothing gets nudged. In the later stages of composition one would like to work in the middle of perfectly aligned slabs of music, but the fear of offsetting just one instrument is too great.

Well, Nikola,
Since the insert mode only applies in one voice, you could select the music you want to move, change its voice (via right click and the voice menu), insert what you want to until the result pleases you and then change back (or not) to the voice you want. This way prevents you from moving other musical information later in the score. Make sure to work in a voice that has not ever been used;-)

That is true, and a great suggestion - if one deals with one voice at a time. I am at times constantly making wide stroke changes to the music. It feels great in Dorico, but only possible at the end of the flow. I of course could temporarily copy music around - but having this possibility without workarounds would be great for workflow.

What about inserting empty bars, filling them as you see fit and then deleting the bars you don’t need?

When in insert mode - you will offset any music that is afterwards regardless of any additional bars you will add (When making substantial changes to a single or multi-voice, single or multi part fragment that is in the middle of the score). In this thread I am talking specifically about insert mode, not other workflows, however I do use the technique You have described and it is good for its purpose.