Inserting ossia bar in free time

Hello there!
I’m trying to insert an ossia bar with free time (free time sig.) for the purpose of indicating notes to be silently depressed. Ideally, I’d like this free ossia bar to appear below the ‘normal’ bar. Is it possible to do this or is there way of creating this? Am grateful for any feedback! Ash

Welcome to the forum Ashley!

If you want this ossia staff to run concurrently with the bar above (i.e. be part of the same flow and appear in the same system), you can input a staff-specific open time signature as described in these steps. You may need to use a tuplet on the ossia staff to make notes fit in the rhythmic space matching the first bar.

If you just want the ossia to appear near but not necessarily joined to the normal bar, you could write it as a separate flow and draw in a music frame to control where it appears. (If you don’t want it to appear at the end of the layout as well, edit the Default master page and remove your “ossia flow” from the MA frame chain there.)

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Very late reply apologies ! Thank you for this - it solved my problem! Happy New Year Lillie!

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