Inserting pages apparently shifts vertical spacing?

Hi! I have just inserted a number of pages to the beginning of my score for title page, description etc. and the vertical spacing across the pages with music on them completely shifted. Is this a bug? Could it be that the vertical spacing is attached to the pages rather than to the music frame? Is there an engraving option that I don’t know. I am a bit at a loss since I have not had this issue in other files.

Inserting pages has always removed vertical spacing adjustments, as these are tied to the page, not to the music. For clarity: they are indeed tied to the music frame, but when you insert pages, the music frames themselves don’t move - just what’s contained within them.

This has improved a little in recent updates (see Vertical spacing + page insert request - #4 by Lillie_Harris for instance) but you’re best off either adding prefatory pages before you start laying out the music, or constructing them in a text editor and prepending them at the PDF stage (as I last typed this morning:)

Okay, fair. Then I have just been lucky with my other scores until now.