Vertical spacing + page insert request

If, someday, the ability to insert pages without changing existing custom horizontal spacing could be implemented, it would be a huge improvement. I have a 40+ flow document of over a hundred pages and this has become a real problem as prefatory matter continues to be developed :frowning:

Can you expand a bit more on what you’ve done that gets removed when you insert pages? Note spacing and/or staff spacing? Do note spacing changes and/or vertical spacing settings get you any closer to what you need without local overrides?

Hi Lillie,

Argh, forgive me. The title of this thread is wrong :frowning: I meant to type vertical spacing. But yes, the vertical spacing (between system and staff lines) is altered. The help files mention this. But it’s really a problem for large, complex projects. Incidentally, the help files aren’t quite correct on this point. My observation is that the vertical spacing doesn’t get removed unless you insert two pages. If you insert only one, then the spacing is now applied to the new page. For example:

modify spacing on page 30
insert a page before page 29
page 29 is now page 30, with the former page 30’s customizations.

There really is no way to adjust the global settings to get what we need here. I wish there were.

There were improvements in 3.5 I believe to try to make staff spacing overrides more persistent, and I think what you’re seeing is that yes they can stick around onto a “2nd page” if the preceding page (e.g. what was p4 that becomes p5) have compatible staves/systems, but given that this isn’t always the case, the warning in the manual covers the broadest cases.

But, with respect, that’s not an improvement. The spacing changes need to move with the frame, not stay stuck on the page as the frame moves on to the next page.

The improvements made sure that staff spacing overrides persisted in more cases, such as when the bar at the start of the system changes but most of the content remains the same, which used to result in the override being lost too. It arguably isn’t perfect, but there are reasons behind the scenes for why it works like that currently. In the meantime, the advice to try to leave staff spacing overrides until the last possible moment when working on a project still stands (and I do sympathise, because I’ve been caught out by this on occasion myself as well).

I’m sure there are technical reasons, I have no doubt of that and I do appreciate your efforts to help me.

I’m trying to understand your comment about preserving the changes for the bar at the start of the system. How does one change the vertical position of only the first bar of the system?

I meant that if e.g. the 2nd system on a page was moved down a bit using Staff Spacing, and originally the first bar in that system was bar 6. If you added some more notes in bar 1 and bar 5 got pushed from the 1st system to the 2nd system, meaning the first bar in the 2nd system is now bar 5, the staff spacing offset should be retained (I believe).