Inserting Part Signatures

Hello, how can Inserting Part Signatures into my notation. Words like Verse and Refrain. The help in Dorico does nor show any result.

Does anybody how that works… I am sure it must be possible…

Cheers, G

For now, I would use the system text feature.

  1. In Write mode, select any object on the rhythmic position where you want your indication to appear.
  2. Perform key command alt+shift+x (windows).
  3. Type your text (e.g. “Refrain”).
  4. Hit Escape.

Thanx a lot. but what does

Perform key command alt+shift+x (windows).

do? I have to find out on the Mac…

And do you also know how to put this typed words in a frame? To make it mir remarkable ?

Really thanx a lot.

I find it much easier to write classical music than Pop or Jazz with Dorico… ;((

On Mac, the Alt key is generally called ‘Option’, and on most keyboards it is labelled with the symbol ⌥ .
There is a property to add a border for text items in the bottom panel:
Schermafbeelding 2020-02-15 om 23.02.50.png