Inserting rests

If I need to insert notes and rests in a passage, I select Insert. I can select a note value, play a key and everything after that gets moved over by that value. If I then press the space bar, which is what I use to enter rests in the first place, the caret simply moves to the next note. Why can’t I press space to insert a rest by that same value? As it is, to insert rests I have to click on the rest symbol, move the mouse to the score and click where I want the rest, move back to the palette and deselect the rest, play the next note, and then repeat the whole procedure for the next rest. I must be missing something…

You’re right, but it seems to work if you type a note name, like F, when the rest icon is selected.

Yes, Claude has got it; if you’re in rest mode, any note name (A-G) will insert a rest of the actively selected duration. Rest mode can be toggled on and off by pressing the comma (",") key.

Thank you, but good heavens, how is one to guess that? It’s hardly intuitive and I couldn’t find it in the documentation anywhere. Believe me, I looked, also here on the forum.

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it doesn’t always work. i have a two measures both marked 4/4 with a missing 8th note in each case. placing the cursor in those measures and trying to add an eighth note to round out the measure doesn’t work. instead of placing a rest, the cursor simply moves to the next measure. as an example, see measure 67 of the attached screen shot. trying to add an eighth note to this measure using the described method does not work.
Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 18.24.08.png