Inserting Specific Controller Value with Key Command?

In Cubase 6, is it possible to insert a specific controller value (say, 127) into a controller lane by using a keyswitch? So, bam, when I press the keyswitch, 127 appears where ever the timeline cursor is. Can anyone think of a way?


Might be possible with a combo of Logical Editor and Key Commands.

Thanks. I’ll look into that angle.

EDIT: OK, that’s going to take a little time…


Ok, set the Pref in Edit- Auto Select Events Under Cursor, modify the LE preset in Standard Set 1, Fixed Velocity 100 to 127 and assign a KC to it.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it.

I see where what you’ve suggested will change the velocities for selected notes to 127. But how could I insert, say a value of 127 for CC111? And would I be able to insert that value at a specific time in a track when I don’t have any events selected, but just insert it at the time where the project cursor is.

Obviously, I’m new to Cubase, and I’ll have to bone up on the LE.