Inserting Tempi

I’d like, for instance, ”Largetto q = 66”
If I go to the right hand panel and choose Largetto I can’t change the actual speed as far as I can see. And I can’t seem to get both the word and tempo indication at the same time.
I’m probably missing something stunningly obvious but…
Push comes to shove, how to get exactly the quoted bit above.

If, after creating it, you select your tempo and open the properties panel at the bottom, you will find a field titled Tempo (bpm) in which you can adjust the exact tempo. You will also find check boxes for whether the text is shown, as well as whether the metronome mark is shown.

Thanks. I keep forgetting to look at the bottom panel.

But I do think Tempi cries out for a popup where I’d type exactly what I want and the property panel would reflect that and simply be there if I wanted to change something later.
Every time I want Allegro I don’t really want to have to go two places which I’d have to do now since I don’t necessarily want the default speed each time. Etc.

It’s the much the same sort of thing I find annoying with Expression entry. If I type “dim.” I want the word and if l type “>” I want a hairpin. I don’t want to have to go to the property panel afterward and make yet another choice.

No problem.
Yeah I feel the same way. It seems a bit wrong not being able to define the tempo precisely from the get-go.

Try Shift+T, “Largetto q=66”, Return

Good Lord.
I did say at the start I was probably missing something obvious.