Inserts and send effects - automation

Hi everybody,
I’m exportaing my set Live from Cubase Pro 9.5 to VST Live, in order to perform in a CPU light way.
I made a first concert with Cubase Pro 9.5, bounced in one audio track the drums, in another one the bass, and respectively one for the synthetizers, the FX effects, the voices (choir).
The export of those 5 audio tracks worked well, everything has been well exported, even with their effects (reverb, Pan etc…).
But I got a problem with the parameterization of my voice live.

  • I couldn’t export from Cubase Pro 9.5 to VST Live the parameters I had put on my live voice (reverb, compression…).
    So I’m putting them manual for each song of my set… Sometimes with other reverbs or compressor or whatever, cause they are not always the same as in Cubase
    Is it the way to do ?
    How do I put my effects in SEND : on the pannel of my track “Voice” or on a stack ? And if it’s on a stack, do I have to put my effects in the Insert section ??
    Last question :
    How can I recreate an automation on my Voice track : for instance, I’d like to change the type of my reverb in some places of my song, to change the color of my voice. How can I do that ?
    Cause I used on Cubase Pro 9.5 the automation fonction. Can’t find this fonction on VST Live…

Thanks so much for your help !
Kind regards

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Import of fx is not supported yet but planned.

Stacks are closed entities and have nothing to do with Tracks. A Stack is a submixer with its own input (like mic, git) and processes that signal through its inserts and 2 send fx.
If you want to send from Track channels, expand the Song bus (channel with the name of the Song) by clicking the “e” button, expand the track in question by using its “e” button, and you can fill in insert fx and apply sends, for instance to a Group channel that you created before, where you can insert fx plugins, again using the “e” button.

Automation is also not yet supported but planned. However, as each Part has its own set of Layers and Stacks, you can vary those settings by changing Parts.

Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer.
I’m going to have to make up my mind using VST Live for my Live, until it’s getting more performant and stable… That a shame…
Thanks again for your help !