Inserts / Ezmix 2

Hi All, I asked the following question to Steinberg Support but no answer yet…

I use Cubase 10.5.20 Elements ( with the latest update). For all my sounds I use Toontrack products. When I record a guitar for example, I create a Mono Audiotrack and then load up the Ezmix2 on the Inserts section of the track. I hear the DI sound but the no sound from the Ezmix2 program. It shows up but no signal appears in the Ezmix2 only on the Audiotrack. I have updated all of my software, all is 64bit, all Toontack programs shows up in the VST manger and so on… Is there some one that have any idea how to fix this issue ? Regards Isti

Not sure if you found a solution yet.
I’d start with the stand alone version of EZMIx2 and check if there is any sound or any processed sound.
Within Cubase Elements, as long as the VST is supported, it must work as an insert just so.
What about other inserts (delay, reverb)? Do they work in your audo track?

I am using EZMix2 with Cubase Pro 10.5.20 and had never any issues, nor do I recall a setting where EZMix2 would run in bypass.