Inserts FX got stuck and not active

I was working on a project and inserted a 3d party VST limiter in the “Stereo Out” channel and it froze in the slot without the ability to remove it. I’ve tried to add another plugin below it, but it froze too. I can sometimes put other effects in a upper slot and drag that on top of the problematic insert, it makes it active, but pushing on the “e” to show the effect freezes it again.

Just reinstalled and formatted my PC and downloaded the full installer from the website. Loaded the project and it still does this.

Latest update introduced it. 10.5.12,
Win10x64-Pro 1909 (OS Build 18363.720), 16 GB RAM, i7 4770k-stock clocks.

I am attaching the project without any instruments and just the stereo out so you can check it too.
CUBASE-BUG-PJC.rar (19.6 KB)

It is not a bug - You have constrain delay compensation activated!

Hmm isn’t this feature supported to just battle the lag? Because activating it while having this two VST in a new project doesn’t block them at all? Never happened to me before.

I might be wrong but just in case: check the Constrain Delay Compensation button on a trasport panel if it is in an off mode.

It depends on whre these plugins are refer to the manual.

Just to update, yes it was the delay compensation, but never ever had such a problem before… anyway, hopefully things will get better after time.