Inserts in Mixer disappear when placed incorrectly

Hi there,

there is a strange behavior in Cubase 13 and I wanted to know if thats a bug or a feature. When I am moving a plugin from one insert to another one and I’m not exactly over a new insert slot I get a little red “cant place it here” symbol. So far so good but when I release the plugin while I’m over a “cant place it here” spot, the plugin disappears. In Cubase 12 the plugin would simply stay in the old insert.
Is this behavior intentional or is it a bug?
Thanks for your help!

Confirmed, here (13.0.10 Pro - Windows 10)… And this, whether I move an insert to another track or copy it with the Alt key. Seems like a bug, as I can’t imagine in which way such a ‘feature’ could help…

The issue is aggravated by the fact that the insert move isn’t undoable, as not listed in the Edit > History… window.

yes, this also happens with the “alt” key. But is is undoable on my system in the mixer undo-history at least.

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Yep, I forgot that one, sorry. But still…

EDIT : as an added information, this buggy behavior isn’t seeable in the Channel tab of a track, in the project window. Apparently, it doesn’t share the same code as Mixer channel ones…

yes, confirmed here. But it does happen with the mixer in the lower zone. And it only happens when I try to move an insert to an insert-slot of another channel, not when I move an insert around in it’s own channel.

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This is intentional, I guess.
If you drag the plugin, the possible places where you can drop it get a green background.

And if you changed parameters, default behaviour while you remove a plugin is to ask if you want to save it’s settings. So accidental deletion isn’t that easy.

Changes are recorded in the undo history on my system.

Really ? So, to make vanish an insert and its settings simply because you stopped pressing the mouse left button at the wrong place could be intentional. What is the aim ? And if it’s intentional, why do the Channel tab of a track in the arrange window behaves differently ?

We have seen this, already, thanks. But this doesn’t gives an explanation of this new ‘behavior’ : an insert dropped in the wrong place disappears completely, instead of staying at its original location, as in previous Cubase versions.

We are talking here about the vanish of an insert that can occur when attempting to move/copy it, not about its eventual settings deletion…

Not here. They are actually recorded in the MixConsole left zone, in the History tab.

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Tbh, plugin changes are always recorded in the mixer undo history.

I don’t know the aim, just expressing my guess.

If you get the warning, you can select escape.

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yes, the warning would help to stop that but I disabled the plugin removal warning because it was interrupting my workflow when I intentionally wanted to remove a plugin :man_shrugging:
I was just wondering why this behavior changed from Cubase 12 to Cubase 13 because I still think the best behavior would be that the plugin stays in it’s old insert slot (so the worst thing is “nothing changed” and not “plugin deleted”).

Fortunately, if one accidentally deleted something, “undo” is one click away in the top left of the Mixer panel.

Or use a key command - I believe the default is alt Z or opt Z (depending on OS) - at least it is on my system for the “undo” of the mix console.


p.s. The “undo” function for the mixer area was one of the greatest recent additions to Cubase.

Of course the slightly weird thing is that there are 2 different “undo” lists - but at times that’s been useful to me.