Inserts on Stereo Out, acting totally weird

This is going to sound totally out of this world, but never before - and I’ve been using Cubase since version 3 - have I had a case like this.
I had to install a new version of C12 due to a computer problem.
When I try to turn on any dynamic insert on the Stereo Out channel, or on an instrument channel: compressor, desser, limiter, console 1, - anything related to dynamics (not only from Steinberg), - everything that opens, however, seems to be off. It does not work and cannot be removed by clicking on the arrow on the right. The only way to remove it is to insert some preset, which automatically throws everything out of inserts. All other inserts behave as normal. On the attached photo you can see what I am talking about. They cannot be turned on or off.
Everything works fine on the audio channel.
Are you able to help?

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase 12.0.30
Ram 64 GB
Intel Core i9-9900K
UA apollo x4
Console 1 Fader

Do you have “Constrain Delay Compensation” activated?


You save my life!!!. Thank you so much. I stopped using it since I start using UA Apollo long time ago.
There is only one question. Why is it on, or why after opening the new project I have to turn it on and off in order to work?

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Glad that it was the solution for you!

Is there any chance that your Console 1 is sending a message upon connecting to Cubase, that’s interpreted as a command to activate Constrain Delay Compensation?

Good question.
Let me check.