Inserts & Sends in project window for all tracks - PT style

It’s so much cleaner to have dedicated tabs as opposed to having everything crammed into one space.
Where’s notepad? Where’s Track Versions? etc.
I hate the way that (pt style) looks so much more than the current form, I can’t even express it in this post.


or maybe such view options would be useful?

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Like this idea in general but may be best as an option

You guys have this view/option in the Mix Console so no need to have it in the project window also. And how about the insert/send 4 and up?

It would be an option and completely configurable (like it is in other DAWs), so you’d be totally happy. For the majority of us here the significant speed increase in workflow from having something like this (more like PT would be best) would be truly amazing (at the extreme minimum have volume and pan available on the header of every single kind of track).

The very significant advantage with this design in PT and others is that you don’t have to mouse over/move over to the mixer or anywhere else. Everything is accessible in one place immediately with no need to first click on a track then move over to the mixer for a lot of things or the inspector with possibly even more clicks after that. Being totally configurable, it’s really an unbeatable thing for a DAW to have. If people prefer to move the mouse more and click more they could always have it look exactly as it does now – it would all be configurable in the Track Controls window. When you see it in action/use it, you immediately see how much faster it is to work with it.

Again, this rendering is a good start but is not as well designed as Pro Tools – they really nail it and allow it to be completely configurable. They use the least amount of space needed with things like pop-up faders over value boxes instead of taking up valuable real estate with permanent faders, and more. Steinberg should look at how efficiently and smart PT does it (especially in different size and magnification levels), and do something similar in Cubase-style.

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Really loved this Pro Tools design feature, where inserts and sends are right there on each track.
Everything, that reduces the amount of clicks and jumping around the screen from one side to another, is very welcome, especially with the essential/basic DAW actions/functionality.

I would love to see volume and pan on the track header. Inserts and sends could be great as well, but I would like it to be optional.

Wow! +1!

Sure if you are using an E.Q. and 6 compressors on every track. Let’s see the same image with 2 or three inserts on each track. Then we will see how much wasted space there is.

+1 for this this as an optional view


What ALWAYS bugged me about Cubase is… Why is that “Input/Output Channels” folder always shows up when we first open up Cubase :confused:

+1 Absolutely agree with this sugg.


Good gawd YES!!

I get so envious when I see people working on Pro Tools with this kind of feature. Pro Tools is the one to be inspired by for this because it’s completely configurable what you want to show and the way they do it takes up the least amount of space. I like the idea behind the first suggestion here, but the Pro Tools way is the smartest and most click-less way to do it, that takes up the least amount of space needed (and it changes how it looks depending on how big the track size is). It’s soooo much faster than having to use the inspector! I didn’t realize how much faster it makes work until I saw others on Pro Tools, being able to adjust volume, pan, inserts, outputs, etc. on the fly, it makes you envious with how much faster it is. And like someone else here said, in Pro Tools you can make it how you want it exactly, to only show what you want it to show. Steinberg, just be at least INSPIRED by Pro Tools with this because it’s such a intelligent design.

Cubase is still old and very click-and-mouse-heavy in many ways, they haven’t fully adopted to modern times with the GUI in some important ways like this.

I’d much rather have a full channel strip for the selected track in the left zone (MixConsole-style, with configurations and racks),

AND a redesign of the track controls box (no track picture = free space for controls, more compact non-stretching buttons, no arbitrary grouping, better layout utility -grid + drag’n’drop buttons- etc.)

Should I make that into one or two new feature requests?

I would make those two completely separate requests – they aren’t what this thread is about. Let’s keep this one completely laser-focused and bring other things up on other threads.

Outstanding! I would die for it.


I wish everyday for something like that or a full mixer view inspector. Even at least volume and pan controls on track.