Inserts & Sends in project window for all tracks - PT style

Kind of PT project window - very fast workflow, instant copying and moving plugins between tracks :exclamation: see the picture :slight_smile:

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looks great…+1
can save so much clicking in project window

awesome!! Love it!
That would be so much better to work with!

Not bad, maybe as a secondary view option the user can decide between, or hotkey switch.


I like it!

WOW Tomek - That looks absolutely amazing - Congratulations!

I’ve been producing music professionally since 1989 and have to work fast for my clients so never use the MixConsole. I like the project window to take up the whole screen so I can see as much of the arrangement as possible. Having the volume fader where you’ve put it will save me so much more time! :smiley:

Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Kind regards

James Colah


Hey Steinberg, really, please pay attention here!
That’s very cool - as well for nuendo!!

i posted/ linked it to the nuendo forum as well.
Really hope you/ we get some feedback to this. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I wanted to do such a grafic for a long time.

One of the best feature wishes !

+ 1

But if we will have these objects in project window then this will increase the ability to change mixing parameters accidentally by mouse wheel scrolling over volume sliders and Sends.

Hellllloooo! It’s 2019 on the road coming :wink:
Read this thread - from September 2015.



One problem here (details matter), is that these are blocking the track name, and I use quite long names sometimes.

I like the idea in a huge way but I feel that there is wasted space in this design. Pro Tools is a great thing to totally copy here. One example is that volume and pan are simply value boxes in PT, and when you click on them you get floating faders that disappear as soon you let go. Your idea here a great start but would need refining to make it as fast and graphically efficient as Pro Tools or Reaper.

I appreciate the idea, but I like the way it is now, to be honest.
There’s a lot going on there, which only makes less room for, frankly, more important stuff.
Making 1 click to the left of the track isn’t the end of the world.

Lots of room with an ultrawide screen.

Let’s compare if it’s really less room…But Hey! Steinberg made the mixer scalable so this area can also be , isn’t it ?
Frankly, I prefer to use sometimes “e” command for specific channel editing (EQing) but have allways ability to instantly change send gain, editing send plugin copy inserts, turn on/off plugins on selected trackc etc, etc …at once, not channel by channel, and tabs by tabs, fader by fader (yes I know shift+alt…)

Sure, It would be nice to have this option to choose the right view for the right stage in your session (we have different needs for production stage, preparing session, mixing, mastering, exporting, transfering, importing sessions etc.). The point is to have the best view and tools (smart?) for all stages in our daily workflow.
But honestly, this is new feature, at least for me, rather then new incarnation of colour picker. Sorry Steinberg I could’t resist :wink:


My suggestion would be:

  1. Horizontal volume fader under the read/write buttons - doesn’t need a big fader cap (or any at all)
  2. Horizontal pan under that

Studio One does a horizontal volume fader right underneath the Mute/Solo buttons. It has no fader cap, so it’s just a few pixels high (but wide) and takes up almost no space.

If they do it the way PT does it then there’s no need to take up any space with faders at all, which is the best option. In PT there’s a value box for pan or volume, and as soon as you click and hold on that value a small floating fader pops up, which disappears immediately after you’ve adjusted it and let go. Perfect.