Inserts Viewer - JumpToSlot

Hi, the Inserts Viewer is a great object to have, pretty well structured and very useful to those of us who use the new midi remote.

I would like to suggest an addition to its actions, a JumpToSlot method apart from the ones already there (insertsViewer.mAction.mNext and insertsViewer.mAction.mPrev), i.e. to have this one:

 var insertsViewer=page.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mMixerChannel.mInsertAndStripEffects.makeInsertEffectViewer("insertsViewer")

//now let's jump to slot number 6

I find this useful (to some a huge deal, to others maybe less), because we can assign buttons to immediately byPass or edit (view) or R/W a specific slot, without having to browse through the slots one by one.

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