Inspector bar

I am useing Cubase 8 and cubase 7.5 due to problems with some plugin’s in cubase 8
on both clients and also in cubase 8 on my laptop

the Inspector bar area on the left of the screen
Wont respond to LEFT CLICKS i can Right click and choose what will be shown there
that works its not Stuck i can click the little E on the side of the plug-in name
it lets me change the name of the plug-in or click the open vst button but nothing else works i can close or open any
of the windows there

any idea’s?

Hi Bande27,

please check here:

Also, to start a thread in the “Issue Reports” forum, please follow these guidelines:


Hey luis thanks for your replay

Ive checked many posts about this after reading all i decided to Delete cubase 7&8 from my computer

deleted all prefrences working in Roaming folder thanks to poster in forums

Reinstalled and walla works fine

Also created a new Restore point just now so incase it happens again ive read also that doing a Restore for the computer can fix the problem