Inspector not showing labels - Dark Background

Hi folks,
My inspector is no longer showing me labels for any catagories: Inserts, Sends, etc.
Anybody else had this problem?

You’re not alone. A few others, including myself, have posted about this, although I can’t point you to the posts right now. I raised a ticket with Steinberg and they have acknowledged it. So, hopefully, it will be solved in the next update. When you say ‘no longer’ did you do an update to 9.5.30 or did you change something else in your system? It would be helpful to know.

I’ve not changed a thing. That’s what’s so vexing. I’ve wracked what’s left of my brain to remember anything I’ve messed with. I’m considering deleting my graphics adaptor in Device Manager and seeing once Win10 reboots and reestablishes the driver improvement my be bestowed.

Are you using Intel gfx.?

Yep. Intel.

That has been reported before, don’t know if it ever got solved for all.

Hi Folks,

I discovered that if I do a clean uninstall of Cubase and then do an install of Cubase 9.5.0 then only upgrade to 9.5.20 then all graphics present as they should. Any iterations beyond .20 are problematic regarding Inspector Labels.

I’d be interested if this works for anyone else.