Inspector Panel Problem

Please help…

I have Cubase 7 and this has happened before.

The Inspector Panel has just virtually frozen - everything else works fine - but when I click on ‘Inserts’ or ‘Chord Track’ or anything else - even ‘Fader’ NOTHING HAPPENS!

I haven’t done anything to my PC or added any new apps or software linked to Cubase.

Do I really have to reinstall the whole thing - again!?

Please help me

Ben (IgniteDMC)

Do you know what, I’m gonna reply to my own post - how’s that?

After initially posting my problem, I retrospectively scoured the forum for anyone suffering the same ills.

And guess what? Sure as egss there were a number of them.

One kind person replied that simply RESTARTING the PC as opposed to shutting down and switching on solved this RANDOM GLITCH for him/her.

So, I tried that. And it worked.

Physician heal thyself! :slight_smile: