Inspector Surround Panner in Fader Tab Broken 13.0.30 - BUG

The latest update 13.0.30 is not showing the VST Multipanner surround in the inspector window, under the fader tab. It does not show for instrument tracks but does show for audio tracks. I’ve just tested rolling back to 13.0.21 and the problem doesn’t exist.

This problem can be reproduced by doing the following:

  1. Set your Outputs under F4 Audio connections to a 5.0 or surround output.
  2. Add and instrument track and audio track for comparison that is routed to the Cubase out (main output that is surround)
  3. Make sure you have the VST Multipanner on the tracks.
  4. In the inspector tab, make sure you have the “fader” tab visible
  5. Compare the audio track (which is how it should be) to the instrument track.

To be clear, “Track Channel” side bar works fine, it’s the original inspector tab under the “Fader” column.

Here are pictures. The working one, 13.0.21 - Instrument

The broken one, 13.0.30 - Instrument

13.0.30 - Audio for comparison that it works still on audio