Inspector Tabs non-display bug? Screeen Shots incl.

Update: See post below for screen shots.

I’m sorry but I don’t have screen shots to show this.

What I noticed is that when I create an Instrument Track, the items under the Track Inspector are incomplete! until I turn off “Instrument” and then turn it back on – visible items under the inspector itself are missing and then present after the toggle off/on of the “instrument” (sorry no screen shot)

In other words, when the instrument track is first created, none of the Audio related inspector tabs are present until turning off and back on the “instrument” setting.

When I toggle the “instrument” on and off, the inspector then displays all the Audio properties of the track. Is this right? It seems very odd and caused me some real confusion since without the audio inspector elements being displayed, you really lose primary reason for using “Instrument tracks” at all. Now that I’ve seen this, I have to see if templates saved with instrument tracks showing full audio inspector tab items will show up.

Thanks for any help or references on this. Is this a bug? It was messing me up…and it would any other new user.

Instrument tracks have different elements listed in the inspector than audio tracks. Unless I’m missing your point, this is normal behavior.

If this isn’t what you’re talking about, then screenshots would definitely help.

This is regarding the items on the Inspector right-click menu. The one where you select which inspector tabs are shown.

I’ve not noticed if the same sort of issues exists with Audio Tracks, but it may, I’ll have to now double-check the behavior of the Inspector tabs menus for Audio, Group and FX tracks.

When I create an instrument track I have the Inspector tabs set to display “Instrument” as one of the Inspector tabs.

However, unless I turn off and then turn back on “instrument” (right-click inspector menu) under the menu for Inspector tabs, all the audio related Inspector tabs – Channel Strip, Audio Sends, Audio Inserts, Audio Fader – are not shown. So, when an track is created, even while “Instrument” is checked on in the right-click menu as default, the Audio Tabs of the inspector are not displayed until “instrument” is toggled off and then back on. Follow? A whole set of inspector tabs is missing until “instrument” is toggled. Again, for clarity, this is regarding the Inspector Tabs and its menu for an instrument track.

I’ve found nothing in the Operations Manual about this, but perhaps missed something, or perhaps this is an issue. I only know that as someone trying to learn this program this was a kind of “got’cha” set-back. I’ll try to get some screen shots posted, but think its been described clearly.

It’s a tricky little buggy bit of behavior as I see it. I’d like others to avoid getting stymied by this as I was.

I’d try opening Cubase in safe mode and see if it still occurs. When I insert an Instrument track all the inspector tabs are there immediately.

Thanks, I’ll try safe mode and see what happens.

Here are two screen shots. In the first one, you see an Instrument Track Loaded and although “Instrument” is selected in the Inspector Tabs menu, the following Inspector Tabs are not present – Audio Inserts, Strip, Equalizers (sic), Audio Sends, Audio Fader. These Items only appear after “Instrument” is unchecked and then rechecked, “refreshed” if you will. After this “refreshing” it seems all subsequently created Instrument Tracks appear correctly, per Screen Shot 02.

In the second image, you see those Inspector Tabs are present. As mentioned, in order to make the Inspector Tabs appear, I must uncheck “Instrument” and then recheck it. Then, the full list of Instrument tabs appear.

Usually, after one instrument track is created and “Instrument” is “refreshed,” all subsequent Instrument Tracks in the Project are not missing the Inspector Tabs mentioned. So, this seems to be an inconsistent behavior within the program (Cubase Pro 8). It was a real 'gotcha" for me until I noticed it and I’d hate to see others, especially new users like me, get confused. I’ve not checked Audio, Group, FX or other tracks to see if similar issues exist with non-display of Inspector Tabs on those kinds of tracks.

My primary reason for posting this is because, as a new user of Cubase, this “bug” caused me some real confusion until I spotted what was happening and since another new user might also run into this, this post may help.

Take care.

I don’t know what is expected behaviour, that the instrument tabs be present or not on first loading a channel but you can toggle them by clicking on the instrument name tab. There is no need to toggle the instrument on and off.

AFAIK you have always had to click to see those tabs since the introduction of instrument tracks.

By “expected behavior” I mean that since “Instrument” had already been selected as my default when creating new Instrument Tracks, the Audio related Inspector Tabs should appear, but they don’t until “Instrument” is switched off and back on. I’ll have to see if I can save Templates with the Inspector Tabs showing, perhaps that will work.

I’ll try your suggestion and thanks for your comments.

My point being that you don’t have to switch the instrument on and off, the audio related inspector tabs are just folded down in your first picture. It is like a folder track within the inspector tabs.

If you clicked on the blue tab that says Retrologue then the audio related tabs would fold out.

Although I have no idea why you have a track named Prologue 1 and the audio instrument tab is labelled Retrologue.

Heh, the track names are incidental. I must have switched synths and Cubase doesn’t update names when an instrument is changed.

I’ll look more carefully at this. However, I don’t want the tabs to be folded up upon Track Creation, I would prefer them displayed by default.

The thing that bugs me is that while I have “Instrument” checked as my default setting for the Inspector Tabs, the audio related Inspector Tabs (screen shot #2) do not display until “instrument” is turned off and back on.

Anyway, I’ll have another look at this and see if there’s something I’m missing.

Thank you, Richard. Glad to report the issues is SOLVED. :smiley: The problem had to do with the visibility settings. I tweaked those and, now, the tabs are present and do fold up and display as you mentioned in your prior post.

Take care.