Inspector Upgrades

3 things bother me most,

Instrument and Midi Tracks Tabs :

I’d love to see a more standardize inspector between Audio tracks and Instrument Tracks. I cannot use the same shortcut to show the sends or output routing because there not on the same inspector tab. This is extremely annoying. I want to see my sends and output routings at a fixed location no matter the track type.

Expression Maps Tab :

This needs to be resizable. Since the C11 upgrade, it looks bigger and better but it now only shows half of my articulations names horizontally. I also would love to be able to see all my articulations without having to scroll through them. This need to be resizable in this case vertically. The ability to click and lock any articulations here would be an awesome bonus. Especially since Cubase 11 still resets midi channel on stop but this is for another topic.

And lastly, instead of ctrl+click to open multiple tabs, a check box for this behavior would be better in my opinion. Personally, opening multiple tabs by simply clicking should be the default behavior. Never liked the solo tab thing. It still feels awkward after many years of using Cubase.

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+1000 for a revised inspector.


+1,000,000 !!!

I totally agree! I absolutely hate how the “pinning” option doesn’t work as expected with instrument/midi tracks. Also, when you make a change in the setup window it closes all the tabs you spent time organizing to your liking, extremely annoying!
In a thoroughly revised inspector, I would actually like to have 2 resizable columns! (2 “left zones” in arrangement window maybe ?) Ultrawide monitors have plenty of horizontal real estate for this. The more info in the arrangement window/inspector at a glance, where I am expecting, the merrier for me!