Inspiron 2350 Fan - make noises

My Dell Inspiron 2350 is 2 years old. I had to replace the fan last December 2016, and now the fan has started making the same sounds again today - it’s much louder than usual. I did open the case and clean out all of the vents. I had a local authorized computer center replace the original fan to avoid the minimum of 2 weeks to send to Dell because I use it for my business. I would have done this replacement myself, but the fan cannot be bought by the general public and is proprietary. Note that in October 2016 and last week May 2017 I had some type of issue where the Dell would not successfully start Windows, so I had to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. Both times the boot segment was also bad and none of the recovery options would work. It has been a bit of a nightmare with this computer. I’m not sure if I’m just really unlucky, or Windows is the issue, or if this Dell is just a piece of *** since I’ve had MANY computers before this (mostly HP’s) and I’ve never had any of these issues before and I’ve used PC’s since the later 80’s.