Inst change names, marimba staves, ties to tremolos, rests


I am putting Dorico through its paces, trying to see how far it can go for me in challenging situations. Some questions come up. My impressions are that this is a major-league program, and, for me, surprisingly easy to learn. If we could have cues in the parts (and better playback for scratch tracks), and if the last few bugs get fixed, I would be hooked!

However, a few issues remain, and I hope someone (probably Daniel) can tell me how to fix them, or that they will be addressed in an upcoming release. See the attached:
Chamber Concerto Full score.png
Notice, in m. 41, the marimba is two staves. I want one only, but don’t see how to do that (unless I remove ALL empty staves, and I don’t want that). Also, staff spacing changes move both marimba staves together (does not do that for the piano, where each staff moves separately), Also, the name shows up in the wrong place (after the grace notes), and collides with a note. But there is no way to move it!!

In m. 36 in the flute, I want a tie or dotted tie from the quarter to the half, to show the flz.(triple-slash tremolo mark) as emerging from the held note without a rearticulation. But if I tie these, the tremolo goes on all tied notes (and removing tremolo from one removes it from all).

In m. 38-39 in the piano, I put all notes in the rh, moved the cross-staff notes down. I want to hide the 2nd half-rest in the lh in m. 38, the first half-rest in the lh in m. 39. I made the 0% opaque, and those rests are gone from all modes EXCEPT printing!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

David Froom

There’s not a lot you can do about this at the moment, I’m afraid. We need commands to hide one staff from a grand staff instrument, and indeed to make instrument change labels move out of the way. We’ll get to this for sure, as soon as we can.

This one you can take care of: in Engrave mode, you can set the number of tremolo slashes independently on each note in a tie chain using the Properties panel.

We’ll have a proper way to eliminate bar rests in these kinds of cross-staff situations in due course. For now, make sure you’re not printing in monochrome and you should find your alpha-channel rests won’t print.

Your page of music looks really good, by the way. It makes me very happy to see it!

Thanks Daniel!

The spacing algorithms are AMAZING. That’s something I’ve gotten accustomed to fixing in Finale (some tricky spacing and some measures-in-a-system problems). With Dorico, I’m seeing that this is almost always best left to the program to figure out (with the option of me changing things if I need/want to, say for page turns).

Glad you like the page. It is an older piece of mine that is in need of a new engraving (was done originally in 1991 Finale, which doesn’t look so good any more!).

Thanks for the tie and non-monochrome hints, and for the consoling words about the future.

David Froom

Yes, this is a great demonstration page for many reasons. Knowing that horizontal spacing alterations aren’t even POSSIBLE yet makes this page enormously impressive.

Happy to see those system dividers :wink:

The system dividers are a workaround until Dorico addresses this. They are text entries, using the unicode Bravura character. So they are attached to a note, then repositioned. If the measures/systems move around, the dividers move with them. I should, I guess, put them in at the very last moment, after everything else is done. I think I could put them into a tiny text box in engrave mode, but I really haven’t figured out much about how to get the text/music frames to do everything I’d like them to do. I don’t know if you can put such a frame on top of another frame.

As a 28-year Finale user, I am good at finding workarounds!

Daniel – the “hidden” rests still show up in print mode and print even with the printer set to color. They are gone in engrave mode. The tremolo works as you say it does: for these situations, it needs to be added in the properties, not from the rh panel.

David Froom

And a smile of understanding inhabits my lips. :wink:

Dear David,

I know the workaround for the system divider, since I gave it to you. I guess you do not remember…

Sorry!! Hard to keep track of everyone. Thank you for that. It will work great until Dorico figures out how to do it for us.