Inst. Track|Midi Insert|Auto LFO does not restore pan after disabled/removed

When using Auto LFO (say on Retrologue) playing your song, then removing it (try both disabling and removing midi insert) the pan once changed by the insert does not restore to the static previous value. So it screws up your mix.
Nothing works it around so far, not even midi reset ; except quitting and reloading the same song (with the plugin previously disabled or removed).

Please fix in next release, this function is quite nice only if we can revert what we experiment.


What do you control by the Auto LFO in Retrologue, please?

Can you refer to any specific preset I can load in Retrologue?

I control the pan which is then bugged when I stop or disable the effect

To reproduce (Mac OSX Sierra + Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.20 Build 187) :

Use in first midi slot Arpache SX get an up down ore similar arpeggio going
Then activate the AutoLFO plugin *default setting or ‘Pan left and right and…’ both bugged the same here)
Then PLAY in a loop (you’ll start to hear the pan LFO effect)
then disable the AutoLFO
now STOP the loop and play live in with the instrument -> BUG on pan not centered anymore
and check your pan in the mixer: either very left or right

Now just quit and reload that song -> problem gone. (only workaround i found)

This time to reproduce I used Padshop 01 with ‘Airy Bell’ preset

Here’s a preconfigured test song to reproduce: (1.94 MB)
EDIT: Could also reproduce the issue on my Windows 10 configuration.

Hope this helps,


PS: I’m another user that just switched from logic pro and immediately felt way more creative with Cubase, return to the sources as I started with it on Atari :slight_smile: Such a great sequencer even with few minor bugs!


I just tested it. It works to me, once I send the MIDI CC 10 Pan value.

OK I was wrong in my steps, it’s a bit harder to reproduce, also added a test song with the midi fx already setup to get the bug faster: see my EDITS in my second message in this thread.


I tried to reproduce it again with your project. And it’s still the same. The Pan automation stops at position, where was it once you disable the plug-in. Then you have to send MIDI CC 10 (Panorama) to get the track a new information about the panning. It doesn’t matter, if you send it from the MIDI track or from your hardware MIDI controller. The track has to receive the MIDI Message to overwrite the last information from the Auto LFO.

Well this would be a bug to me because when you try to fix that (say by using the mixer track pan knob), it should also work and it did not here.

You should not need to send a cc command manually again, whatever you set with the mixer (or better maybe the mixer pan should be at least updated with latest value) should work.

What is even worse in my case is that using the mixer track pan does not fix the problem, aside from the fact that it still displays a stale pan(= midi cc 10 btw) value (i.e. centered as before the AUtoLFO went in action).

Also, please note that even if you perceive a change say, by changing the pan the opposite direction from the mixer track after disabling the AutoLFO (i.e if it were left go completely right) you can notice it is actually not panning properly ; you still hear only right but the volume is super low, indicating that it accumulated the latest LFO change in the pan with the mixer track change you did and in series, instead of doing an absolute change in panning. To ensure you understand this somehow subtile panning difference, please save then exit and reload the same song you’ll perceive easily a difference and it should not be the case for that track pan and volume values.

I certainly truly appreciate your feedback and testing, but I’d be interested to get a steinberg representative feedback on this (from developer to developer lol)


I could imagine to make a feature request out of this. Like reset the settings when disable the plug-in or even Bypass (?). But what is the rest value here? The chased CC10 value? Or Panner in the MixConsole?

I don’t think the plug-in can read MIDI Chase values. MixConsok Panner maybe…

If I start to think about all possible use cases and settings, to don’t send anything out sound like a good save compromise to me.