Instagram Live doesn't receive the audio from the UR22C interface

I just saw the video " How To Livestream For Social Media With Great Audio Quality | UR Stories" on Youtube and I replied all the process explained. Everything works fine until the point that the Iphone recieve the sound and I can edit it in the DspMixFx App. However when I go to Instagram Live, the sound continues arriving from the Built-in microphone instead from the interface.
The point is that the audio from the interface is getting in the phone, for instance, if I open the audio recorder (Voice memos), actually the income audio comes from the interface. I don’t understand why just is not applying for Instagram Live doesn’t.


Did you tried to troubleshoot “Instagram Livestream”, by following steps:

Check Audio Settings
Update Drivers
Restart Your Device
Test with Another App
Check Instagram Permissions
Browser Compatibility
Try a Different Device

Hey there, you can try this