Install 2nd instance of Cuabse, now on a Mac.

Hi All!
I have an instance of Cubase 9 on my PC (which has been upgraded very many times over the years…). I’d now like to install Cubase 9 on a MacBook. How is it possible to download a “full version” of Cubase 9 for the Mac – without having to download a whole series of upgrades to root back to my earliest “full” version of Cubase? Hope you can follow… -Not sure whether this has been discussed before. Thanks for any feedback!

Hi Felix,

Sure, just have a look at your MySteinberg account.

Products → Downloads

There you should find the Full Installer (which doesn’t require any previous installation of Cubase) for Cubase Pro 9 (Mac and PC).

Please note, to unlock the Download you need to register your USB-eLicenser on which you have activated your Cubase Pro 9 license.


Many thanks Jochen. You made my day!!