Install After Hard Drive Replacement

Hi everyone

I was a 6.5 user and whilst in the process of installing Mountain Lion to upgrade to 7 I found I had a faulty hard drive that (luckily) was a known issue and was replaced by Apple free of charge.

When I had installed ML I purchased the 6.5 to 7 upgrade and simply downloaded that because i was under the impression (from another thread) that the upgrades were full versions and that there was no need to install previous versions.

I have now found that a number of my Groove Agent One samples are missing although the inbuilt synths seem fine and a few GAO kits are loading and playing…have I misunderstood the upgrade process? When presented with the ‘locate files’ option I have to confess of having no idea where they would be :blush:

I have my CB 6 disks (my 6,5 upgrade was a d/l) but I am concerned that more content could be missing.

Many thanks for any help.



I have just tried to load a reverence option and once again the file is missing.

Now quite worried!


The downloaded upgrade is not the full version and needs your 6 or 6.5 dvd to be installed first to get the content you are missing.

There is however available for download the full install version of Cubase 7 from the link below

Thank you so much for this help megacon.

Much appreciated