Install C8 upgrade in 64 bits

I am running 32 bit version of C7.5, on both platforms, but this topic is about Windows 7. In the last few months I’ve been updating my plug-ins to new versions that support 64 bits. So I would like to - finally - get my Cubase running as 64 bit.
Do I need to re-install everything, or is it an option to choose from 32 or 64 bit? I installed all upgrades since C5, but I don’t remember synch option…

yes you must do full install of 64bit version provided your win7 is 64bit also plugs also will require a reinstall choosing 64bit versions. some advice…make 2 directories in root c:/vst-32 and c:/vst-64 and install plugs there. some plugs install both versions even when choosing 64bit. that way you can easily delete the 32bit versions(not required)


Oh, crap… I was hoping it would be easier… OK, so I will install C7 first, and then C8. I already have my plug ins in both versions.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.