Install cd Tools for UR22mkII

I installed Cubase Elements 10.5.20 on my Windows 10 PC a while ago.
Cuba’s LE and Cuba’s AI are also installed.
I bought the Steinberg audio interface UR22MKiI and I now want to install the CD Tools for UR 22 mkII on my PC running Windows 10.
When I start the CD and click on the [setup.exe]the following message appears: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver -InstallShield Wizard Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?
I don’t understand that. What am I supposed to do?
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It is already installed
it was installed with older Cubase versions…

At least you can update it to the newest version

Thank you very much. If I click yes during the installation of the CD-ROM Tools for UR22mkII after the appearance of the message : Do you want completely remove the application and all of its features, will the new Steinberg USB driver be installed automatically?

Thanks in advance.

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you have to download it and install it from the downloaded file
this should update the driver.

Hello Jochen,

Thanks again.

I installed the new Steinberg USB driver 3.26MB 2.04 without any problems.

Can I now connect the audio interface your22mkii to the PC?

Thanks in advance.

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wow your auto-correction is weird…

Of course you should be able to connect the interface. Remember to select the driver in the “Studio” in Cubase.

A place to start reading could be: