I have completed download and installed ‘download access code’ and ‘activation code’ but at START CENTRE a menu comes up that says:
“Start” can’t be opened because it is from an unidetified developer.
Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers. :frowning:
Can anyone advise how I can get my new Zoom H4N that came with a licence for this, to actually work and download the Cubase LE ? Please ?


It sounds like your Gatekeeper settings may need to be changed in order to allow the Cubase LE4 program to install. What specific Mac OS version number are you running?

Thank you.

I had the same problem. So I looked around the folder that opened from the .dmg. In that folder was the usual yellow install package which i double click and it install the program. then I followed the prompts.

I am finding that Cubase won’t recorded the input signal from the H4n. The VST Connections Device port does not want to find the same notation as on the How To Sheet. I get a signal on the Cubase input meters but they won’t record.
Logic will. Bit of a disappointment. However the H4n is fantastic.

I am able to record now. I did upgrade to the full version. It may have been that or something I did that I have forgotten. Still a long way to go. You did not say what OS you are using. So I don’t know where the install folder may be found. The H4n is fantastic!