Install Cubase Pro 12 for MacOS on an external drive

Just bought Cubase Pro 12.
Due to a small internal SSD in my macbook I want to install Cubase and all related stuff on an external SSD drive. I’ve trief searching for a solution trough Google and on this forum but no luck yet. (I’ve found a video on Youtube but that was for Cubase on Windows)

Is there a best practice for this on Mac?

I’ve tried changing the Target folder on Steinberg Download Assistant → But this is only download location, not the install location. (see screenshot below)

Cubase needs to be on the main drive but you can install all the content on to an external drive.

The Steinberg Library Manager will help you to move content files on external storage devices.

Thanks @mkok and @jazztom !
This was the info I was looking for.

I have all my large sample libraries on an external drive. When I open a Cubase project which does not use one of those libraries Cubase won’t ask for them. In case I open a project which uses a certain library Cubase will ask for this library of course. When I’m in my home studio the sample drive is connected to my Mac Studio and when I’m on the road I take the sample drive with me and connect it to my MacBook Pro in case I want to work on a project which uses samples. If I just want to use the Mac Pro for a live recording on the road I can record in Cubase without the sample drive. Works perfectly fine for me.